Mission Statement

The Syracuse Women's Information Center (INFO) is an independently organized, non-profit, member organization informed by and dedicated to the empowerment of women, We are committed to providing a community space for healing, and economic, social and environmental justice.  INFO is a registered 501C3 non-profit organization. 

                             Programming and use of the building are guided by the following ideas and principles:

Feminism and the respect and empowerment of women.

A commitment to economic, social and environmental justice.

Respect for the Earth; a commitment to using less, living simply, recycling, reusing and reducing.  Active involvement in other green practices such as composting, using non-toxic cleaning products or chemicals and not using plastic items. 

A commitment to individual healing and recovery.

An understanding of all forms of oppression such as sexism, racism, classism and homophobia. A commitment to eliminate these and other practices of discrimination and prejudice. 

A commitment to peace and conflict resolution from the personal, to local and within a global perspective. 

A commitment to support and collaborate with like-minded people - that these activities area a part of a larger movement for social change that includes activists, educators, advocates, spiritual leaders and healers. 

A commitment to creating community and an understanding that we are all connected and that everyone matters. 

A commitment to creating safe spaces

We believe gender and sexuality/sexual practices are fluid and as varied as all of human experience and patterns. We also acknowledge the reality of oppression based on perceived gender and sexual definitions (i.e. the privilege and dominance still afforded to men and heterosexuality).

We are committed to safe spaces, dialogue, education and advocacy for people but especially for women locally and globally.